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3 Ideas for the Perfect Princess Party


The renewed energy and youthful glamour that Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have brought to the monarchy has created princess fever. Their beauty, grace and glamour served as the inspiration for this perfectly royal romantic party.

Princess Party Table Decoration

Everyone's favorite princesses are from fairytales, so make sure to bring in a few details of those famous stories to your table.


Create a Fairytale. Make a “clock strikes twelve” place card by cutting three circles, each about a quarter inch smaller than the last. The largest circle should be black, the middle one, gold. Glue the gold circle onto the black one. Draw a clock face on the white paper before attaching it to the gold paper. Make a bow out of gold seam binding or ribbon an attach to bottom of card. Write each guest’s name on a small slipper cut out of the white paper.


Romantic Princess Table Setting

Let your confections assist with your décor by turning a cake into the skirt of a Fairy Godmother's gown.


Bake a Ball Gown. Use four small shortcakes and stack two of them (to make two sets and make the cake taller and rounder). Cut in half and place around the doll with the cut side at the waist of the doll. Place foil around the bottom of an 8-inch doll. For the doll’s top, wrap ribbon or smooth on frosting. Insert the doll into the center of the cake and frost. The ruffles and swags on the dress are piped with a #70 leaf tip.


Princess Party Table Setting

Give your table that look of vintage romantic royalty with delicate accents and minor details.


Top-Off your Table. Adorn your table with such accents as old letters, vintage china and princess-themed pieces. A stunning rose bouquet is a fitting centerpiece. If you want to serve sandwiches, cut them in princess-theme shapes like a wand, slipper, castle, etc. Make a small crown cake for the princes and a Fairy Godmother doll cake for the princesses. This is a special party that a grandmother could prepare for her grandchildren. 

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Produced by Diane Sedo

Photography by Jacqueline deMontravel

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