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4 Tips on How to Create a Sophisticated Look

Craft an aura of romantic sophistication in your home with the following tips.


Sophisticated Bedroom


Add pops of colors to liven up the room.


Mix dark and light. Use opposite bold colors to create an interesting contrast–a classic black and white color scheme will look polished and have a dramatic effect.


Indulge in rich textures. Textures have a way of radiating luxury. Combine a variety of textures for a hint of grandeur. 


Stay minimal. The minimalist approach conveys class. Stick to your essentials–too many items will make a room look messy.


Incorporate nature. Nothing says elegance quite like a single red rose. Decorate with fresh flowers or other touches of nature–twigs, moss, plants–to transform your space into a gallery.

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By Natalie Echeverria

Photography by Mark Tanner


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