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5 Tips for Creating a Romantic Wedding

Few things are more dreamy than weddings. So here are 5 tips for creating a romantic wedding. 


Romantic Wedding Decor



1. Lighting sets the tone. There can never be too many candles when creating a romantic setting–and the softer the light the better. Notice in this picture, twinkle lights flood the space with glamor and remind guests of a night sky filled with stars. 


2. Make your guests feel at ease with all the little details. Sheer drapery hangs gently around the reception entrances, ushering them into a dream. Chevron rugs are placed beneath the tables mixing the comfort of home with the authenticity of nature. Each and every detail is both relaxing and inviting.


3. Add some whimsy and an element of surprise. You don’t wants guests getting too cozy, after-all, this is a party! In this wedding scene, chairs and benches are interchanged creating visual interest and variety. It gives the space a chic lounge feel reminding guests it is time to celebrate.


4. Keep flower arrangements low to the table. To encourage good conversation during the meal, make sure your guests can see each other. Floral arrangements aren’t the only way to decorate and sometimes less is more. In this wedding, arrangements add a pop of color without being distracting. 


5. Enjoy yourself! Delight in the romance and soak up the scenery. Let all the planning melt away as you dance under the stars. Remember to have fun, relax, and be with the ones you love.

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By Hannah Hagen

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One thought on “5 Tips for Creating a Romantic Wedding

  1. I think the set up is very elegant , classy and romantic. I love it. Weddings with catering like that must have cost a ton of money. Still I think it’s worth it .

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