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5 Decorative Desserts Fit for Royalty


Last week, we gave you some ideas for a princess-themed party, but no party is complete without tasty treats to fill out your romantic decor. Here are 5 fairytale edibles that just may border on “too pretty to eat.”

Romantic Crown Cupcakes

Cupcakes with fondant crowns and wands: Pipe a large buttercream swirl with a 1M tip and top with crowns and wands. Embellish the design with edible shimmering stars from Wilton. Cut fondant stars for the wand and shape the crown with five triangular-shaped pieces pressed together at the bottom. Attach the gold dragees with clear icing gel. These are cute but time-consuming!


Romantic Paper Doll Cupcake

Miniature cupcakes topped with white buttercream icing and fondant rose: Pipe a large buttercream swirl with a 1M tip and top with a pick from Meri Meri and a fondant rose. The pink cupcake was placed in a princess cupcake wrapper from Fancy Flours.


Romantic Glass Slipper Confection

Fondant pillow with slipper: Roll 16 fondant roses and place on a thick piece of fondant. Place a fondant leaf at each corner of the pillow. Place a gold dragee between each rose. Play with the fondant until it resembles a shoe. 


Romantic Fairy Princess Cookies

Cookies: Dresses and slipper cookies are good favors. The sugar cookies were frosted with a glaze icing and sprinkled with white sanding sugar. The cookie is decorated with a rolled fondant rose with green leaf. Young boys will like a silly frog prince decorated with edible eyes, edible shimmering stars and gold dragees. Use white fondant to fashion a crown and wand.


Romantic Princess Glass Slipper Goody Bag

Goody-bag ideas:  Each guest receives a small rhinestone wand embellished with a ribbon bow and a small slipper filled with M&Ms. Give the children a cookie to take home. Place the cookies in bags and tie with ribbon. The princes receive a frog-prince cookie, and the princesses a dress or slipper cookie. 

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Produced by Diane Sedo

Photography by Jacqueline deMontravel

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