A Classic Christmas

Deck the halls with these merry ideas this holiday season.

Shiny Brite Ornaments

For Diane Sedo, looking into the past is not a stretch, because that is where she feels most at home. Her holiday décor depends on favorite past treasures. “I look for ornaments that I remember my parents collected—fabric ornaments from the ’70s is one; Shiny Brite ornaments from the ’50s is another,” she says.

However, not all decorations have to be sourced from the past, as there are many excellent examples of newer items that have the classic detailing you loved as a child. Christmas Traditions, one of those classic holiday stores with all things gorgeous (no potbelly dancing Santas here) is one such purveyor of all things vintage holiday. Some of their pretties include Santa ornaments striking a variety of holiday poses and mercury-glass garlands that recall a more thoughtful Christmas. Their creations by artists are just waiting to be ogled. The decorations that will always add glimmer to Diane’s table are her glitter snowmen and chenille Santa Claus ornaments.

“I also treasure the dime-store candy jars. I remember my grandmother displaying them every year with hard candies and gum drops. I now display my own Christmas candies in them,” Diane says. It also helps to load up the table with the kind of sweets that can inspire a child’s dream. Strewn here and there are cookies, set like design pieces, showing that it’s okay to indulge on special occasions.

Plate Garnished With Cranberries
A plate garnished with cranberries and artificial holly sets the tone.

Ceramic Santa Boot Plante
Repurpose seasonal planters like this ceramic Santa boot planter to hold sweets.

Christmas Cookies in a Basket
Vintage kitchen linens are decorative and functional. Display special Christmas cookies in a basket lined with a Christmas hanky. Use ornaments in tabletop vignettes like this vintage snowman that adorns a dessert table.

Produced by Diane Sedo
Written by Jacqueline deMontravel
Photography by Jaimee Itagaki and Jacqueline deMontravel

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