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Add Drama and Personal Flair to a Living Room


Rooms in your home serve dual purposes, many often doubling as a living space for you and a comfortable place to receive guests. Creating a room that is simultaneously cozy and true to your individual style can be difficult to accomplish, but there are a few guidelines you can follow to create a romantic room that is both uniquely stylish and uniquely you.

Dramatic Interior Home Design

Dark woods and rich, red walls set the stage for the blues, whites, blacks, and greens of this room's contrasting details.


Add Warmth. Utilize darker, natural hues in both your paint choices as well as your larger furniture pieces. Worn, distressed woods go a long way to make a space seem well lived and inviting while dark-stained cherry wood and natural grain floors create a comfortable base that offers a natural glow and feel to the room.


Be Dramatic. Accent walls are great for minimalist touches, but when you want your stylistic pieces to stand out, solid, rich colors across all walls will prepare the perfect canvas. Warmer colors like reds and oranges match well with natural woods and provide great contrast to your smaller items. Sharp lines and ornate details on furniture can add subtle drama and romantic style without overpowering the room.


Stay Unique. Fill your room with pieces that define you and your personal style. Don’t shy away from bright colors, as they balance your palette and pull together the space. The rich, dark base set in the walls and furniture creates the perfect backdrop for vivid, contrasting moments throughout, so you can greet your guests with comfort while presenting decor that is undoubtedly your own.

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By Elise Portale

Photography by Bret Gum 


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