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kitchen room

Living it Up in The Living Room

By Sarah Jane O’Keefe; Photography by Casey Fry Designing the home of your dreams is both an exciting adventure and a daunting task. The joy of having a say in every design choice is a double-edged sword — allowing for … Continue reading

decor with flowers

Brighten up Your Decor with Flowers

By Gay Van Beek Flowers can transform a lackluster space in your home into one that is beaming with life and personality. Trends have moved on from large, center-of-the-foyer arrangements to make room for softer, less fussy floral groupings made … Continue reading

Go Vintage Chic While Decorating

By Monique van der Pauw Mirjam van der Ende has her own style when it comes to arranging flower bouquets at her flower shop Meer Bloemen Natuurlijk in Leiden, The Netherlands. “I want them to look as if all [the] … Continue reading


Decorate for Cosiness

By Syl Loves The kitchen is the place where most families spend a lot of their quality time gathered around the table to chat, entertain guests, do homework and so on. It’s no wonder then that we decorate our kitchens … Continue reading

Romantic Spring Decor

3 Ways to Welcome Spring into Your Bedroom Décor

This is the season to celebrate new life and what better way than with the color green! In this bedroom, it is the main color, accented with white and pops of purple and gold. Add in natural light flooding through … Continue reading

Romantic Home Fall Apple Cider Recipe

The Apple Cider Recipe Your Fall Home Needs

  Nothing complements a fall afternoon quite like a warm mug of apple cider. Not only is it a comfort for the soul but for the body as well. This ancient drink is low in calories but high in antioxidants. … Continue reading

Romantic Traditional Sitting Room

How to Antiquate Your Romantic Desk Nook for Fall

  If you want to go the antiquated romantic look this Fall, dress up your oranges and browns with vintage pieces. Donald Kirkby is an interior decorator, antiquarian and editorial stylist. For a desk nook that could inspire a great … Continue reading

Romantic Halloween Events

8 Grown-Up Ideas for Your Halloween Party

  While the kids are out soliciting neighbors for a year’s-worth of candy, it’s time for adults to have their own Halloween fun. Here’s a list of sophisticated holiday alternatives to scary costumes and candy wrapped in slippery paper:   … Continue reading

Sophiticated and romantic, you can borrow the basic ideas from this dining room and transform your own.

3 Steps to a Dining Room with Sophisticated Romance

  The dining room is the gathering place of family and friends alike. It serves as the backdrop to holiday gatherings, celebratory meals and festive affairs. Create stylishly sophisticated romance in your dining room to bring out your romantic side … Continue reading

Romantic Style Home Office Space

Optimize Your Workspace with Function and Style

If you work from home, finding a good space to be productive and creative can be as task in and of itself. From distracting electronics and tight spaces to poor lighting and claustrophobic decor, many rooms in your home are … Continue reading

Romantic European Garden

House Tour: The Romance of European Elegance, Part II

  Lidy Baar’s romantic European home uses the antique dealer’s own childhood memories of a life in Europe to add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to her decor. If you’re just tuning in, don’t forget to catch Part I of … Continue reading

Romantic Space Dining Room

6 Ways to Add Comfort to Any Space

  We’ve all experienced those times when a room is amazing to look at but uncomfortable to exist in. Homeowner and animal activist Yvette Dobbie has a few tips to add comfort to any space using your own decor features. … Continue reading

Romantic European Decor

House Tour: The Romance of European Elegance, Part I

  Growing up in Europe, Lidy Baars learned to appreciate the finer things in life. Born and raised in her grandparents’ lavish estate in Eindhoven, Holland, Lidy lived in beautiful world filled with exquisite French and Dutch antiques. Her grandparents’ … Continue reading

Romantic Home Office

Organizational Basics for the Romantic Office

  If you aren’t careful, your “romantic collection” could turn into “romantic clutter.” Lidy Baars, proprietress of French Garden House, offers a few tips on how to create a beautiful and organized home office.   Keep it clutter free: I … Continue reading