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Romantic Vintage Global Style

House Tour: A Global Approach to Vintage Style, Part I

  Every time you travel, you bring back a bit of your destination with you. Whether it’s a photograph or a statuette, your physical souvenirs are vessels for a stronger memory of your trip. But when you’ve lived all over … Continue reading

Romantic Modern Vintage Bedroom

How to Mix Modern and Vintage for a Unique Bedroom

  Modern decor is clean and flashy but vintage decor has that character you are looking for. Choosing one look over the other can be frustrating, but what if you didn’t have to? Juxtapose the old with the new to create … Continue reading

Romantic Princess Clock Table Decoration

3 Ideas for the Perfect Princess Party

  The renewed energy and youthful glamour that Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have brought to the monarchy has created princess fever. Their beauty, grace and glamour served as the inspiration for this perfectly royal romantic party.   … Continue reading

Romantic American Kitchen

3 Steps to Creating a Fun and Functional American Kitchen

  How would you like to feel when you step into your kitchen in the morning? Would you like it to be bright, warm and cheerful with clean, bold colors to jump-start your day and enough storage for all your … Continue reading

French Romantic Table

The 3 Teatime Tables You Need to Try

  Whether you’re an Anglophile or just hoping to enjoy the last great afternoons of Summer, a tea party is a lovely way to entertain your guests in style. And just as your teatime wouldn’t be complete without Earl Grey … Continue reading

Marino used a black-and-white color palette in her kitchen to complement her collections, which she displays on white shelves.

House Tour: The Personality in International Fusion Decor, Part 2

  Marion Hartwich combines her favorite bits of international decor with her personal flair, such as black-and-white French style peppered with her favorite collectibles. From her kitchen to her garden, her style blends seamlessly.  This is Part 2 of a … Continue reading

Marion painted the living-room walls red to add warmth, passion and drama to the space.

House Tour: The Personality in International Fusion Decor, Part 1

In a recent post, we introduced you to interior designer Marion Hartwich, whose expertise in international fusion flair provided tips for classic French outdoor dining. Now, take a tour through her gorgeous romantic-style home and see how she puts her … Continue reading

Great flea market finds, such as these antique French doors, can add style and separation to a space.

How to Add Romance with Antique Doors and Windows

  Doors and windows are an important design feature in your home, but they can serve many more functions than what they were designed for. Flea market finds like antique doors or shuttered window frames can be great additions to … Continue reading

As with everything French, appearance and a touch of romance can enhance both food and atmosphere.

9 Ingredients for French-Style Outdoor Dining

  Marion Hartwich, oft-traveled interior designer, has a style she calls “fusion” rather than eclectic. Many of her design choices in her home have evolved from her time spent living in Europe as well as both U.S. coasts. Using her … Continue reading

Joining drama and warmth with your personal style touches can create a cozy room that says 'you' to your guests.

Add Drama and Personal Flair to a Living Room

  Rooms in your home serve dual purposes, many often doubling as a living space for you and a comfortable place to receive guests. Creating a room that is simultaneously cozy and true to your individual style can be difficult … Continue reading

Bring the indoors out: quilts and pillows add a homey feel to this garden bench.

7 Easy Steps to Romantic Outdoor Entertaining

  Garden parties are a light, casual affair, but just because your guests will be enjoying themselves outside doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. With a few choice details, you can translate elements of your romantic home decor … Continue reading

Set a romantic garden table by combining textures and treaures from your garden and home.

Set a Romantic Garden Table for Summer

Romantic gardens beg for outdoor entertaining, especially in the summertime. Create the perfect outdoor dining room by setting a garden table that is as functional as it is romantic.   Textures Table cloths are not limited to the house. Drape … Continue reading

Whimsical garden decor will take a planter from simple greenery to romantic outdoor living space.

Easy Decor for a Romantic Garden

  Turn your garden into more than a home for peonies, make it a romantic garden by adding the right décor in the right places. Picket fences, terra cotta pots and old watering cans add romantic charm when nestled within your … Continue reading

Next Always hi-res cover

Best Romantic Reads

Curl up with our picks for the best romantic reads, with these love stories that last forever. Best Page-Turner … The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly (2006, HarperCollins) This rags-to-riches romance set in 19th-century London is the first in a … Continue reading