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Earth Angel

Collections come to life with the magic of Christmas.

Earth Angel

For Kathleen Francour, Christmas carries a sense of tradition. It is a time to recall childhood memories and a chance to break out her favorite red dishes. Living near the beach, Kathleen is afforded an assortment of nautical inspirations. she uses a pinch of sparkle, a dash of gold and silver, and a splash of love to transform her beachy abode for the holiday season.

wonderful craft project

“I love to shop the after-Christmas sales and pick up all kinds of wonderful things for some future holiday whimsy,” Kathleen says. “It’s like a treasure hunt digging through the attic to see what strikes my fancy any given year. I just start pulling things together and see what I come up with.”

To keep up with her home’s beach theme, Kathleen and the girls find artificial starfish, seahorses and shells, spray paint them silver and gold, and then embellish them with glitter to make them sparkle. “It’s a wonderful craft project to do with children,” Kathleen says. “And the ornaments are beautiful.”

Christmas Art and Craft


Christmas Craft

Christmas is a time when her various collections come to life. One of her favorites is her collection of angels. She has a few that can be found around her home throughout the year, but at Christmas they receive honorary placement. Her favorite is an impressive angel over the fireplace, with his wingspan stretching eight feet wide. It was one of her first purchases when she moved into her home. Now Kathleen’s Christmas décor is the perfect blend of past and present, homemade and flea market finds.

Christmas Windows Decoration

“There are so many interesting little things lying around, but it’s easy to stop seeing what is right in front of us,” Kathleen says. “A handful of buttons, seashells or vintage jewelry in a crystal bowl can be quite beautiful any time of year.” Another simple yet elegant and nostalgic decoration is a plain wooden bowl filled with tangerines. They offer Kathleen and her family and guests a glimpse at Christmas past.

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By Marissa Armstrong

Photography by Jaimee Itagaki

Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel


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