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Christmas Year ’round

Create a holiday home for a perennial season.

 Holiday Home Decoration

Holiday decorating for Amy Campbell is a cinch. In fact, it requires no effort at all. Amy is so drawn to the glimmer of Christmas balls mixed with like-minded items and the peacock blue of a feather tree that she leaves these pieces up throughout the year.

Thanks to Amy’s years in retail and degree in fashion and design, she decorates with merchandising savvy. She is also fully enchanted by the holiday’s style, which can cross over into other seasons. “The light blue and turquoise would come out with seashells for summer. This lends itself to keeping them out all year and adding my favorite mementos from travel and gifts,” she says. “If we truly decorate with things we love—and we love to decorate for Christmas—it makes sense that some of our favorite Christmas items would find a way into our everyday lives.”

Glass and Muted Ornaments


“Glitter, crystal, mercury glass and muted ornaments really can fit in everywhere; it is just how you choose to show them in a new and interesting way,” Amy says. “Think about a beautiful crystal garland, muted turquoise glass balls and seashells all in a crystal bowl or apothecary jar.”

Christmas Decoration


While decorating for Christmas is a favorite holiday tradition that rings in the season, it also comes with a post-holiday glumness associated with a field of trees lining the street, trash cans coughing up wrapping paper and bows, bare mantels and crumbs of sugar cookies dusted from a tin. Let your holiday reminders cheer you no matter what the season.



Add sparkle and beauty to your feather trees.

  • Transform these delicate beauties with color and glitter. Amy treats feather trees as “little pieces of art rather than just some bottlebrush vintage trees.”
  • Use glitter, bleach and paint, and then flock.
  • Change the tree’s base, such as by placing it on a unique vintage or antique platform.
  • Amy’s trees vary from 2 inches to 2 feet. “My favorite personal trees in pastels and muted shades are grouped on my mantel and in my dining room. I also keep my turquoise vintage bottlebrush tree mounted on an old crystal lamp in my dining room to display all my glitter birds and glitter ornaments,” Amy says.

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Written and photographed by Jacqueline deMontravel   



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