Colorful Christmas

The time-honored Christmas shades of green and red are the expected seasonal hues, but you don’t have to shelve your taste in decor for a month while you celebrate. Let these nontraditional color choices inspire you to try something different. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to incorporate an innovative holiday style in your home.


innovative holiday style


  • Citrus Celebration: Lighten and brighten with shades of lime green, yellow and orange. Place bowls of fresh citrus fruit around the room, and wire some into garland on your fireplace mantle. Don’t forget to hang some on the tree as well. Christmas never smelled so good!
  • Rejoice with Royals: Bring a regal feel to your humble home with rich jewel-toned afghans, throws and pillows. Take advantage of knit textures to enhance the effect and select deep tones such as topaz, amethyst, emerald and sapphire. Finish with gold accents pulled from around the house.
Blue and Silver Christmas Candle
  • A Blue (and Silver) Christmas: Evoke the feeling of moonlight on snow with soft blues and silvers. Bring out every silver candlestick and picture frame you own and place them in groupings on windowsills and side tables. Like Julie, use this opportunity to put your favorite possessions on display. Blue lampshades and small blue knickknacks complete the look.
Easy Earth Tones
  • Easy Earth Tones: Wrap your living area in plush earth tones by simply adding a slipcover to your sofa. Warm browns, tans and creams help create a homey, happy aura that begs for togetherness in front of the fire on a wintry Christmas evening. Accent with wooden chairs, pulled from other rooms and arrange in intimate groups.
  • Rustic Autumn Rooms: If earth tones aren’t your style, try sprucing them up with punches of red and orange in an autumnal shaded rug. Use wooden or wicker baskets placed around the room. Arrange holly, oranges and cinnamon sticks in a basket for an easy centerpiece and use orange, red and brown candles in groups to tie it all together.
  • Winter Whites: If you want to make a color break but are afraid to get started, try clear tree lights and white tree ornaments. Ditch any colored decoration and opt for white, ecru or cream ceramics, and fabric ribbons and bows. Or, if you’re feeling a bit brave, select a single accent color, like purple or aqua, and add individual pieces where appropriate. This is a perfect time to take advantage of a dominant color in your favorite inherited object, as Julie did with her mother’s vintage pink Royal typewriter.

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by Margaret Kavanagh

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