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Create Your Own Memo Board

Tired of the old memo board? Give it a makeover. Cork and thumb tacks don’t have to look like cork and thumb tacks. Spruce up your working quarters by letting your personality shine through with this easy to follow guide on how to reimagine your memo board as your memo(ry) board. 


Memo Board

This memo board is given a fun twist by incorporating color and unconventional shapes.


Pick a frame. Head to your nearest source for secondhand goods or rummage the attic for a frame as quirky as you. The more intricate the design is, the better–a flat frame will not have the same effect and won’t make your memo board pop the way it should. And remember, don’t fuss over any imperfections you may find. Every imperfection is a reminder of the uniqueness of the frame and the uniqueness of you.


Color it yours. This project is all about customization, so express yourself through color and glaze your frame in your favorite hue.  A softer color will give your memo board a vintage vibe while a bolder color will glam up your space. Once you’re done painting, let the frame air dry before moving onto the next step.


Put a cork in it. Remove any backing your frame may have come with and attach a cork backing. Make sure the cork is slightly smaller than the frame backing and thin enough to slide inside. The cork should also be thick enough to support thumb tacks. Glue the cork to the frame using a strong spray adhesive glue and allow to dry.


Create memories. You’ve got the basics of your memo board ready, so now it’s time to fill it up. Add any to-do lists, photos, notes, business cards, and so on. Use colorful thumb tacks for a little more pizazz. It will complement the colorful nature of the memo board and its owner.


Written by Natalie Echeverria

Photography by Jaimee Itagaki

Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel

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