Decorate with Pink

Take a page from history and incorporate this intoxicating color into your surroundings, and learn to decorate with pink.

Decorate with PinkDid you ever ponder:“why pink?” I never questioned women’s love affair with pink; it simply exists, and it is a real and deep love. Pink is such a broad-spectrum color that is used to describe any hue between purple and red on the color wheel. It has influenced and infiltrated so many facets of our lives—after all, it is the color that surrounds all romantics, filling us with joy.

Decorate with Pink-1The word “pink” was first linked to a description of color as early as 1570 for the common name of the dianthus flower. The term referred to the pinked or jagged edge, not the color. Nonetheless, the association was made and “pink” as a color was officially born.

Pink did not take on a gender role until the late 1800s. It is mentioned in the 1868 classic novel Little Women, in which a reference was made to French fashion denoting blue bows for boys and pink for girls. There was no looking back; the love affair between pink and romantics was in bloom.

Decorate with Pink-2No matter what your personal style, there is always a way to incorporate this magical color into your décor. Vintage collectibles are a wonderful way to add touches of this petal-soft color to any room. Feminine lines and themes were quite often paired with a pastel-pink palette. Look for objects that can be peppered from front door to back, and infuse this rosy hue into every nook and cranny of your home.

For a bold approach, select a color swatch to paint a single wall or an entire room. For a less committal approach, start in the living room by placing a pink flower arrangement on a coffee table and a charming rosy porcelain candy dish next to a chair on a side table. Move into the dining room and fill a curio with mix-and-match vintage dishware and figurines. These vintage beauties are meant to be loved. Be sure to take them out of the cabinets for dinner and tea parties. Once in the kitchen, line a sunny window with simple glass bottles and a single pink flower in each.

Decorate with Pink

Pink is an obvious choice for bedrooms, with its quiet nod to romance. Linens from a blush hue to a bold accent are perfect for the boudoir. Look for pillows, bedding, quilts, handkerchiefs, runners and even vintage garments or hats to soften the space. Drape them about without being too methodical. Romance is soft and haphazard; it is rarely planned and never forced. Don’t overlook the loo. Use pink transferware vases to corral toothbrushes, hairbrushes and the like. Place perfume bottles atop elegant platters adorned with roses. The pièce de résistance is a set of vintage his and hers hand towels.

For every space there is a pink artifact or trinket just waiting for a home; this is an easy way to decorate with pink, without the look being overpowering. Offices can be adorned with vintage botanical prints, craft rooms call out for antique sewing notions, guest suites need a pink Depression pitcher and water glasses, gardens beckon for pretty pots of fresh flowers—and don’t forget about the holidays: Valentine’s Day and Easter are the obvious pink holidays, but pink can be effortlessly incorporated into Christmas with the addition of delicate and vibrant old glass ornaments.

Scour yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops and your own attic for vintage treasures that can be sprinkled throughout your home. Romantic living can be easily achieved by repeating the same palette and themes throughout a room. Create a space that makes you happy and lifts your spirits. Pink is a warm and joyous color, so surround yourself with happiness by thinking pink.

Decorate with Pink-3

Top 10 Vintage Pink Finds

  1. China
  2. Linens
  3. Millinery or silk flowers
  4. Hats
  5. Books
  6. Postcards
  7. Sewing notions
  8. Aprons
  9. Ornaments
  10. Seashells and sea art

Written and photographed by Melinda Graham


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