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How to Collect Quilts

If you are lucky enough to have inherited a handmade quilt from your grandmother or another maternal branch on your family tree, then you already know the sentimental value attached to it. The warmth it generates comes not only from … Continue reading


Romantic Design Trends: Vintage

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite design trends of the past years to inspire you to get decorating. The following design trends are classic, sustainable, and chic. Our first trend is…    A light color scheme will compliment vintage … Continue reading


House Tour: Cozy Cabin Paradise Pt. II

Running a business (or two) can be stressful, which is why Pom Pom Interiors founder Hilde Leiaghat has claimed a lakeside cabin as her getaway. Take a look inside her home with Part II of the Cozy Cabin Paradise house … Continue reading


House Tour: Cozy Cabin Paradise Pt. I

Get inspired by Pom Pom Interiors founder Hilde Leiaghat as we explore her home away from home.   Imagine having a place you could escape to at the end of the week, where your stress melts away as you gaze … Continue reading

Rustic Thanksgiving Dinner

6 Tips to Transform Your Thanksgiving Dinner into a Rustic Gathering

A delicious Thanksgiving dinner should be complimented by a beautiful table. Have fun decorating your table and leave guests in awe! Here are six tips to transform your Thanksgiving dinner into a rustic gathering.    A fall table is never … Continue reading

Before, the room is cold and lacking. After, the rug adds instant warmth.

How to Instantly Warm Up Your Home

The right rug will bring comfort, style and function to a space.    Wearing four sweaters and a hat in your home to prevent from turning the heat on is not a favorable trend. Weaving in a classic area rug is. … Continue reading

Glass Jar Centerpiece

Use Formal and Functional Pieces to Transform a Natural Setting

Fall is the best time to utilize the natural color palette around you–host the perfect outdoor gathering before we bid our final farewell to the season, and welcome winter and the ensuing holidays into our homes. Discover how touches of … Continue reading

Orange Glaze Bundt Cake

RECIPE: A Sweet Orange Glaze to Brighten Your Desserts

Who says dessert has to look drab? Complement a colorful and decorative table with an equally colorful and decorative treat–add a little eye candy to your mouth candy with the following recipe guaranteed to wow your guests. Even dessert is … Continue reading

Fall Table

Create a Colorful Outdoor Tablescape for Fall

While the fall season means cooler days and cozy days spent indoors, it is also the perfect setting for a romantic outdoor table. With falling leaves, and a seasonal palette of rich tones, outdoor spaces really come to life during … Continue reading

Romantic Traditional Sitting Room

How to Antiquate Your Romantic Desk Nook for Fall

  If you want to go the antiquated romantic look this Fall, dress up your oranges and browns with vintage pieces. Donald Kirkby is an interior decorator, antiquarian and editorial stylist. For a desk nook that could inspire a great … Continue reading

Sophiticated and romantic, you can borrow the basic ideas from this dining room and transform your own.

3 Steps to a Dining Room with Sophisticated Romance

  The dining room is the gathering place of family and friends alike. It serves as the backdrop to holiday gatherings, celebratory meals and festive affairs. Create stylishly sophisticated romance in your dining room to bring out your romantic side … Continue reading

Romantic Modern Zen Master Bedroom

House Tour: Modern Flair with a Soft Touch, Part II

  Baroness Monica von Neumann needed a modern “chick pad” to express her nobility and personal warmth. With modern style and old-style comfort, Monica created a romantic home that is simultaneously stylish and cozy. This is Part II of a … Continue reading

Romantic Modern Living Room Crop

House Tour: Modern Flair with a Soft Touch, Part I

  As one would expect, the house of Baroness Monica von Neumann is luxurious, classy and beautiful. However, for Monica, it is the simple touches that make her home warm and welcoming—the smell of a home-cooked meal, the ambiance of … Continue reading

Romantic Style Home Office Space

Optimize Your Workspace with Function and Style

If you work from home, finding a good space to be productive and creative can be as task in and of itself. From distracting electronics and tight spaces to poor lighting and claustrophobic decor, many rooms in your home are … Continue reading