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Design Coach: White Romantic Bedroom

After decorating homes in various styles, Cynthia Tulverson was unexpectedly reacquainted with her love for romantic design. On a visit to an antiques shop, she came upon an antique leaded-glass panel and instantly knew she wanted to incorporate it into her home.


dreamy bedroom

Cynthia swathed her dreamy bedroom in lush materials, such as the richly appointed bedding and generous window treatments.

Not long after, her family moved into a new home and Cynthia’s romantic decorating journey began. “This home was really like a blank canvas for me,” she says. She discovered she was attracted to bleached woods, curvy lines and soft colors. Inspired by the rustic romantic look, she set out to transform her new bedroom to suit her likes and needs.

She created a fresh, blank canvas with white paint and hard work. Inspired by the results, many of her antiques also received a fresh coat of white paint to fit the dreamy new style, including the bedroom’s table and dresser. Then, she furnished the room with flea market finds and unique estate sale purchases.



A chaise lounge handed down from her mother-in-law received a new slipcover to adapt to this serene palette.


Inspired Ideas

Cynthia Tuverson shares her ideas for redecorating and finding the keys to craft your perfect home.


•  Follow your heart. Evaluate what is just another trend versus something that you truly love.


•  Experiment with different styles until you find one that makes sense for you.


•  You don’t have to do everything expensively—spend on the things that really matter to you.


•  Have the right people helping you, from the designer at your favorite home décor shop to talented painters and craftspeople. It helps to get the basics right.


A Recipe for Romance


antique desk set

An antique desk set found on an antiquingexcursion captures Cynthia’s romantic style.


Infusing your rooms with a romantic feel is easy and can be done on a budget.


• Use soft, muted colors. White, ecru, cream and soft blue are good choices.


•  The romantic look is inherently curvy. Choose furniture and accessories with round, flowing shapes—oval or round tables, chandeliers dripping with crystals and overstuffed chairs and pillows.


• Lush bedding is a must; choose the softest, most luxurious bedding you can afford.


• Soft, flowing window treatments are an easy way to set the mood.


• Classic romantic styles like Cynthia’s always include flowers. Embellish your spaces with items such as floral paintings and antique rose-patterned accessories.


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Written by Jickie Torres

Photography by Mark Tanner

Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel



2 thoughts on “Design Coach: White Romantic Bedroom

  1. Totally love this room and all I have seen so far of this on FB– do you send these to inboxes on emails? please allow me to subscribe.–

  2. I love romantic homes magazine and I have been subscribing for years. Even though my husband is a big cowboy and I am unable to decorate a room like this gorgeous room I am able to adjust decorating ideas that romantic homes gives me to fit our lifestyle. I love to curl up with my romantic homes magazine and read and dream the day away! Thanks romantic homes for giving this romantic girl dreams!!

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