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Gallery » House Tour: New Orleans Romance
No New Orleans-inspired home would be complete without a bar. Elizabeth added a small one during her kitchen renovation.
The painted-wood furniture in the master bedroom is visually tranquil yet has decorative details.
Old silver pieces and new golden mugs bring sparks to breakfast in bed.
Have more painted furniture with French and Italian Continental roots and less English-style hardwood pieces.
Integrate family heirlooms and fine furnishings with flea market finds.
“When you take objects you love and put them together, you make them personal.”
Colonial meets Continental through the dining room furnishings, which is mostly English-inspired. The hanging Italian door panel and the French wine chest infuse continental touches.
Embrace imperfections. “Everything doesn’t have to be perfect,” says Elizabeth. “New Orleans is tattered at edges. There’s nothing wrong with a frame with a chip or a chair with a nick.”
Display antique silver.
Elizabeth uses outdoor furnishings to add New Orleans style to her living room, such as decorative urns, wrought iron and limestone furniture and statuary.
A crystal vase of lavender flowers adds instant romance and memorable color.