Get the Look: French Living Room

Get the look of this cozy French living room using rustic textures and creamy whites.

French Living Room“I consider myself a late bloomer when it comes to decorating,” says Liza Price, who was once an impulse buyer. The way she decorated her 2,800-square-foot home was according to whatever she saw in vogue. “My style has evolved from the first house to this house,” she says. Downsizing to a 1,800-square-foot cottage meant getting creative and eliminating the excess.

“I was envisioning the layout for this tiny cottage, which had just a tiny dining room and small living room,” Liza says. “I realized we had never really used the space we had at the moment.” Her beautiful beach cottage proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style when scaling down. Try something new this summer by transforming a small space. Here’s how to get the look of Liza’s cozy French-style living room, while maintaining functionality and keeping within your budget.

1. Use vintage grain-sack fabric on top of an antique coffee table. This style of vintage linen is popular and can be used as pillowcases, runners and, in this case, a table, bench or even an ottoman.

2. The French-style framed mirrors act as an extra window, opening space and light throughout the living area. Go to your local architectural salvage yard and start your own DIY project. Replace the windows with mirrors and, if needed, distress the paint to add texture to your walls.

3. The chandelier is the perfect size for a small area. Add fabric to your chandelier or light fixture to make it match the color scheme in your room. Chandeliers are popular in Shabby Chic décor, but you don’t need an upscale home to display one. Exude comfort by toning it down with warm colors and using lampshades that aren’t too gaudy.

4. When a room is just too white, incorporate decorative pillows that are bold and colorful. It’s a simple way to bring a monochromatic room to life. It not only allows you to get creative with accessories but makes life easier because the material is washable.

5. Use a stool as a small side table. Whether swivel, wooden or metal, it can be used for many things, like resting books or adding extra seating in the living room. Liza uses hers to hold bright yellow tulips to freshen up her home and bring the outside in.

6. Hang your favorite aprons against the wall. A collection of vintage prints and patterns adds charm and color to your decor without breaking your budget. They’re easy to find at thrift shops.

7. In Nancy’s dining room, floral curtains soften the overall look.

By Olivia Bounvongxay
Photograph by Jaimee Itagaki

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