Get the Look: Pink Bedroom

How to get the look by layering colors, textures and patterns for a dreamy pink bedroom.

a dreamy pink bedroomYes, we know you love all things pink—and we would never ask you to not “think pink.” But there might be some potential benefit in trying out other ways to complement, and perhaps even enhance, your favorite color.

Here in this bedroom, the pink wall color may be the first thing you notice—but it is not the only thing you notice. Homeowner Carrie Davitch let her preference for pink set the tone in the room, but she was open-minded enough to consider bringing in other hues and materials to accentuate it and add interest.

Get the look: Pink Bedroom

A dark wood bed frame and wood floor are the perfect contrasts to showcase the light colors on the walls and trim. It is the yin to the yang—a case of opposite attraction.

Black may not be the first color you would think of pairing with pink, but look at how the outline on the cornice box and the black picture frames draw your eye to the wall
color. A bit of black adds sophisticated elegance and drama to the room.

The area rug is predominantly pink, but it introduces other soft colors into the space that complement the color. And, of course, its soft texture aligns with the base color.

A cushioned window seat is a welcome place to read and dream for the girl or woman who spends time there. Having a window seat in a bedroom is as welcome as a fireplace.

Mix patterns for interest. Notice the Toile de Jouy fabric on the window-seat cushions and bed pillows, the Greek key and plaid throw pillows, and the circular design on the area rug. There are many different patterns, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Balance
is key.

Finally, an above-bed chandelier is an elegant way to add sophistication to the softness of pink.

By Meryl Schoenbaum
Photography by Mark Tanner • Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel

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