Go Heavy on the Sweets

Create a Valentine’s Day spread that would make cupids applaud. All it takes is originality, color and everything sweet.

There are certain holidays where it is okay to go all out. Considering our love for all things romantic, Valentine’s Day is a celebration that deserves attention. For this event, we planned a Casey’s Cupcakes high-tea party with Casey Reinhardt, a hostess who embodies the sweet characteristics of one of her cupcakes. It comes as no surprise that Casey regards Valentine’s Day as one of her favorite holidays, since she even opened her hometown shop on February 14 of last year. “I love the whole tradition: the flowers, the candy and the feel of love in the air,” she says.

When designing the table, begin with a palette of pink, red and white. Both modern and vintage pieces come together for a romantic table to show personality. Include such details as tiered cookie plates, cupcakes aloft on a pedestal, apothecary jars filled with candy, candles, china and fine linens. “When I’m decorating or planning a party, I become inspired by something beautiful that has caught my eye,” Casey says. Weave in vignettes throughout your party with vintage finds, such as a bride-and-groom-kissing teapot on a bed of vintage Valentines. The flowers are a robust affair of puffy hydrangeas mixed with the retro chic carnation and classic rose.

This is also a holiday where diets are put on hold and desserts should trump the main course. “I believe that we all eat with our eyes,” Casey says.

A traditional tea offering loose teas and finger sandwiches is a must, but the rules loosen with an endless offering of cookies, cakes and, naturally, cupcakes seductively packaged in Valentine designs. Pink hot chocolate is also served to keep the sugar rush going.

Written by Jacqueline deMontravel
Photography by Bret Gum
Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel and Valerie Spelman


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