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Romantic Halloween Events

8 Grown-Up Ideas for Your Halloween Party

  While the kids are out soliciting neighbors for a year’s-worth of candy, it’s time for adults to have their own Halloween fun. Here’s a list of sophisticated holiday alternatives to scary costumes and candy wrapped in slippery paper:   … Continue reading


Party Planner

Hosting expert Diane Sedo brings personality and passion to every Easter celebration. On a warm, sunny afternoon Tustin, California, resident Diane Sedo puts the finishing touches on her outdoor dining display. With a charming vintage morning glory tablecloth rested perfectly … Continue reading


Add Some Sense

When putting together your Valentine’s Day spread, be sure to play on the five senses. Such attention to detail will create the memorable experience you are aiming to achieve. Some ideas: 1. Touch: For a tactile experience, use your fine … Continue reading


Go Heavy on the Sweets

Create a Valentine’s Day spread that would make cupids applaud. All it takes is originality, color and everything sweet. There are certain holidays where it is okay to go all out. Considering our love for all things romantic, Valentine’s Day … Continue reading


Come Together

Customers flock to Debra’s Cottage for more than retail therapy. When shoppers stop in at Debra’s Cottage they aren’t just faithfully visiting their favorite lunch-break getaway, they are subscribing to a lifestyle. Store owner Debra Vaughan-Unruh and her husband and … Continue reading


Holiday Decorating Ideas: Holiday Hostess

A homeowner approaches traditional decorating with an unexpected twist. Visit Shelley Hudson’s home in December and her personality instantly shines through. On an entryway wall, a large mirror in a seashell frame reflects the small Christmas tree displayed on a … Continue reading


Christmas Year ’round

Create a holiday home for a perennial season.   Holiday decorating for Amy Campbell is a cinch. In fact, it requires no effort at all. Amy is so drawn to the glimmer of Christmas balls mixed with like-minded items and … Continue reading


Earth Angel

Collections come to life with the magic of Christmas. For Kathleen Francour, Christmas carries a sense of tradition. It is a time to recall childhood memories and a chance to break out her favorite red dishes. Living near the beach, … Continue reading


A Classic Christmas

Deck the halls with these merry ideas this holiday season. For Diane Sedo, looking into the past is not a stretch, because that is where she feels most at home. Her holiday décor depends on favorite past treasures. “I look … Continue reading


The Best Christmas Past

Let your holiday table channel the celebrations of yore for a memorable gathering. A tiered glass pedestal topped with sugared cookies appear like ice and snow. A great holiday memory is not typically made from securing hard-to-come-by gifts, being one … Continue reading


Simple Pleasures

A family’s home embodies the Christmas spirit of comfort and joy all year long. Like many of the early American antiques that she collects, Mary Neher’s home has a quiet grace. Here, you won’t find ostentatious flourishes or showy ornamentals, … Continue reading

Photo by Bret Gum

All the Trimmings

  Get an early start on holiday planning with our decorating tips, fun projects and gift ideas.   The holidays arrive fast and furious, with the inevitable long list of to-dos setting our hearts pounding for the excitement and the … Continue reading


A Green Christmas

  Being environmentally aware does not mean you have to forfeit style. Decorate your home with the attitude of a set designer and spirit of a holiday window. Try this idea that doesn’t impose on a living tree.   Holiday … Continue reading

Photo by Jaimee Itagaki

Holiday Romance

  Loosen the rules for your traditional Thanksgiving dinner with thoughtful touches. Leave the warty gourds and marshmallow side dishes on the kiddie table. When it comes to creating a Thanksgiving celebration with romance, throw some unexpected details into your … Continue reading