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House Tour: A Global Approach to Vintage Style, Part I


Every time you travel, you bring back a bit of your destination with you. Whether it’s a photograph or a statuette, your physical souvenirs are vessels for a stronger memory of your trip. But when you’ve lived all over the world, like homeowner Mark Werts, how do you translate these memories of different homes into one house? Take a tour through Mark and his wife Amanda’s home to see their vintage global style:

Romantic Vintage Global Style

Vintage architecture and decor set the stage for Mark and Amanda's personal, eclectic style.


Mark and Amanda Werts’ home is a case of opposite attraction. Built in 1926, its architecture is California Mediterranean, but inside you will find a sophisticated mix of international pieces that live in harmony for a style that may best be described as “global chic.”

 As the owner of the LA-hip clothing store America Rag and its adjoining home-decor shop, Maison Midi, Mark has traveled extensively and lived abroad, and the diverse cultures he experienced have left a distinct imprint on his sense of design, both in his work and his home. “There is a seamless decor from my shop to my home,” he says. “My home’s contents are for sale at Maison Midi.”

Vintage Dining Room

Colorful accessories lend interest to the decor. The dining room is an intriguing mix of textures and patterns.


The room that best illustrates the home’s contrasting yet cohesive ambience is the dining room, which features a massive, dramatic black-lacquered teak dining table from Kenya that is surrounded by bubble-gum-pink painted walls. While the pastel hue may seem like an unconventional choice for a room that contains other ethnic elements such as a hand-carved, 6-foot-tall cabinet from Kenya; Udine (Italy) leather chairs; Egyptian photographs and a map, the soft color serves to enhance the treasured pieces and adds a whimsical touch to the setting. The rest of the walls are painted in the more neutral colors of beige or white. “I like to use color sparingly,” Mark says. That aesthetic holds true in the fabrics seen throughout the house, such as the off-white, imported Belgian linen draperies.

Vintage Living Room

A white rug contrasts the dark floor, adding a soft, cozy texture to the room.


The 6,000-square-foot Los Feliz, California, home in the Hollywood Hills has a living room so large that it nearly dwarfs the grand piano that is the room’s focal point. Mark and Amanda decided to move to a house with a larger footprint two years ago as they quickly outgrew their previous home after the birth of their twins. They chose this house because it had the characteristics that were on their wish list. Mark is drawn to items with vintage appeal, especially from the 1940s era. 


Continue exploring Mark and Amanda’s beautiful internationally-inspired home in Part II when we take you through their kitchen, bedroom and backyard.

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By Meryl Schoenbaum

Photography by Bret Gum

Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel


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