How to Decorate with Nature

In the midst of winter, who says you have to wait around for another season to enjoy the outside? Brighten your home with the outdoors to bring a little sunshine inside. The following are tips on how to incorporate natural elements into your decor.

living room

A pastel color palette softens the room and compliments the look of outdoor decor.

Bring nature in. Collect twigs, branches, and vines along your next stroll in the park. You can create crafts with these collected items or style your home with them–wrap a vine around furniture or use it as a garland. Instead of flowers, gather a bundle of twigs and place them in a cute vase. Get your creative juices flowing!

Use outdoor furniture inside. Use garden tables for a unique coffee table. Decorate with watering cans or other gardening tools to give your home a relaxed feeling. Use old window panes as the focal art piece in the room and spice it up as you wish.

Use more patterns. Curate your decor with floral patterns or anything nature related. Use curtains with a pattern reminiscent of warmer days or slap on a new slipcover to renew your couch.

Get inspired. Transform your home into an art gallery–the theme of the exhibition? Mother nature. Gather art pieces inspired by the outdoors. You don’t have to stick to just one platform either. Mix and match different media: flower photography, animal sculptures, paintings and posters of trees, and so on.

Smell the roses. Fragrance your home with the natural perfume of fresh flowers. Create beautiful bouquets and keep them fresh so you can enjoy them throughout the wintertime!

By Natalie Echeverria

Photography by Jaimee Itagaki

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