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How to Design a Child’s Bedroom

Get Better Sleep with these Natural Aids How to Design a Child’s Bedroom
We’ve all been there—the alarm clock rings and it feels as though you just laid down to sleep. If you find yourself lacking energy in the morning or dreading nighttime for fear of a restless night’s sleep, try tackling the evening with these all-natural sleep aids.

In this video, Jacqueline shows how lulling your body into a deep sleep can be achieved with the finesse of creating a beautiful room.  She suggests setting the stage with luxurious nightclothes, a good book and a hot cup of decaffeinated tea. Try using an eyemask for truly uninterrupted sleep.

Take a peek at the video for some of her other no-fail secrets!

It is easy to overlook the overall vision of a child’s bedroom and instead focus on functional items.  But like a design style for your home, a child’s room should have a point-of-view and clear theme. In this video tutorial, you will discover how style and function can come together to create a beautiful room for your child.

For her son’s room, Jacqueline was inspired by the classic, all-American look of his wooden toys. To expand on this idea, she incorporated their Crayola colors via a nautical blanket and sailor flag pictures, making the look uniform.

Insert some of your child’s personality through the thoughtful display of their favorite toys. Trucks were the obvious choice for Jacquline’s son, Luc; toy trucks were set in constant reach while also serving as colorful displays.Finally, toss in functional storage such as bookshelves, toy boxes, movable baskets and a play table to help control the chaos!