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After the Shopping Trip

How to display and repurpose 4 of your favorite flea-market finds. You never know what you’re going to find at the flea market. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt and bringing home treasures you may not have realized you wanted or needed. Rather than just accumulating disparate items, put them to good use!

Here are a few ideas for some objects commonly found at flea markets. It’s fun to think of creative ways to display your finds or repurpose them so they can continue to be useful.

Milk Glass

1. Milk Glass

Display: The sculptural milk glass pops against vibrant colors.
Repurpose: Milk glass is sturdy enough for everyday use, but the vast variety of shapes, sizes and patterns make it ideal for mixing and matching pieces while entertaining. The milky-white color allows everything to look cohesive. The best thing about milk glass? You can keep adding interesting new pieces every time you go to the flea market!

key collection

2. Keys

Display: Show off your key collection in a shadow box.
Repurpose: String a vintage key onto a necklace for a unique piece of jewelry.

Lace Garments and Lingerie

3. Lace Garments & Lingerie

Display: Lace looks exquisite with light shining through it, so hang your favorite pieces in a window.
Repurpose: Lace blouses can still be worn today and add a feminine touch to your look. Some lingerie can even be worn as a wedding dress!

Cameras and Photos

4. Cameras and Photos

Display: Put old cameras under a cloche for a pretty display that also avoids dust. For a fresh take on photo framing, place vintage photos in upside-down cylindrical vases.
Repurpose: Attach a clock kit or watch face to a retired camera to make an interesting clock.

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By Emily-Claire Ballou

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