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How to Mix Modern and Vintage for a Unique Bedroom


Modern decor is clean and flashy but vintage decor has that character you are looking for. Choosing one look over the other can be frustrating, but what if you didn’t have to? Juxtapose the old with the new to create a look that’s  couture yet endlessly warm and welcoming. Here’s how to do it.

Romantic Vintage Modern Master Bedroom

The combination of sharp modern decor with Old World antiques creates a unique bedroom full of vitality.


1. Color. Just like a painting, keeping the base of your decor white or a cool grey will make all of your other colors and pieces pop and create a  vivid living space. Pull in all of your favorite brightly colored modern and vintage pieces, may they be classic oil paintings or flashy color-blocked throws. Marry the old and new completely by finding pieces that are modern takes on antique items, such as the Queen Elizabeth II postage stamp shams pictured.


2. Texture. While modern decor is typically smooth and clean, vintage style often revels in its various textures. Start with a wood floor with a nice grain and add a few antique Persian rugs. A striking shag stool or pouf can give you a beautiful texture with modern appeal. For an exercise in asymmetry, try flanking your bed with two separate bed-side tables, one sharp and clean, the other antiqued and weathered.


3. Space. Juxtapose the oft-cluttered, homey appeal of vintage decor with the open, breathable style of a modern room. Create small clusters of pieces all around the room — a side table, mirror and painting in one corner, a chair, rug and coat-rack on an adjacent wall — separating them with empty space. Additionally, adding vintage mirrors and modern, mirror-plated dressers can open up the space in a big way.

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By Elise Portale

Photography by Bret Gum

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