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How to Warm Up Your Home with Curtains

What brings warmth to a home without turning up a heating bill that could pay for your child’s braces? A clever, stylish solution is curtains. Follow these tips to help you choose the best drapes:


Winter Window

Windows are a winter day foe. A good, heavy curtain could block a window that is so cold it feels like touching an icy drink.

Analyze. When selecting a curtain, begin by analyzing the space. If the room’s design is busy or eclectic, a neutral pattern or solid will work.  If you want to add impact, choose a style in a color or pattern that will have impact. Every trend is parlayed on a curtain’s fabric—stripes, nautical, global luxury—available in every color of the spectrum.


Nautical Pattern

A nautical pattern like this one is a perfect addition to a neutral room.


Also remember that not only do curtains seal the cold, they also block light. If you would like them closed for most of the day, sheered materials are best.


Measure. Before shopping, measure your window area precisely. Your retailer will want the specific width and length from the top of the window to the bottom or hitting the floor, which is a design choice and depends on your needs.


There are different tops to choose from, most common are:

  • Grommet: the ever-popular grommet is a series of eyelets or big circles encase with metal, which is where the rod slips through.


 Grommet Curtain

The eyelets classify this curtain as a grommet curtain.


  • Pleat: a fold in the curtain, which is common in more formal styled and typically requires a special rod.


Pleated Curtain

A pleated curtain like this one will automatically dress up any room.


Hibernate in style with no concern what Jack Frost may stir up.


Where to buy:

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Written and photographed by Jacqueline deMontravel

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