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In the Bag: DIY Decorated Lunch Sacks

Packing a last-minute gift or fancying a simple sack lunch is a cinch with this easy and inexpensive project.

 Lunch Bags

Chances are you have all the ingredients to package a present right in your kitchen cupboards. Simple lunch bags now available in colors, topped with folded cupcake liners, are a charming way to present a gift or a romantic way to brown-bag lunch. Add a tag and your ensemble will look like it was planned all along.

 Lunch Bag


What you’ll need:

Lunch bag
Paper cupcake liners in two sizes
Office tag
Baker’s twine
Glue stick
Embellishments, such as buttons or adhesive gems



1. Gather your supplies.
2. Place any gifts or items in the lunch bag and fold once at the top to close.
3. Take two cupcake liners and fold them neatly in half; place both at the top center of the bag’s fold with the smaller liner on top. If no tag will be used, you are ready to staple shut. You will want to use one hand or a clip to secure the folded bag and cupcake liners and then staple all layers firmly together.
4. To make the tags shown, print text in a font you like, trim and glue to a blank office-supply tag. Add an embellishment, if you wish.
5. Replace standard tag string with baker’s twine, ribbon or yarn.
6. Drape a length of twine over the top of lunch bag and liners.
7. Staple all layers plus the twine together.
8. Cover the staple with an embellishment.


Don’t fret if you are unable to find colored lunch bags; standard brown sacks can be made to look very nice with colored cupcake liners.

Lunch sacks make a cost-effective way to package multitudes of party favors and cookies at swaps.

Elevate an ordinary lunch into a romantic picnic.

By Elyse Major

Elyse Major is a writer, tinkerer and blogger. She is currently at work on a craft and décor book. Elyse’s efforts are cheered on by her husband and two boys in Rhode Island. Visit Elyse at

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