Let’s Do Brunch

Make any occasion memorable with some delicious ideas on a cost-friendly budget.


When Kim Rower and Natalie Riesselman get together to host a brunch, they know how to make guests ooh and ahh, with sweets, flowers and a pretty setting. Every detail is considered with comfort in mind, from the menu, table setting—even the favors.

“Add personal touches that will reflect your personality but also make [guests] feel welcomed,” Natalie says. “We feel a favor is the perfect way to let your guests know how much they mean to you. It can be as simple as a fresh flower for them to take home or an antique cameo.”

Begin by selecting a color scheme, whereby all the other elements will fall into place. “Consider the dishes you will be using, linens you have, the fruits and flowers that are in season and what works with your existing room décor,” Kim says.


The “pink” brunch was inspired by peonies, which signal beauty and the arrival of spring. The leading flower for the blue setting was a simple bouquet of hydrangeas. “The flowers gave us a clean, neutral canvas and were in season for a no-cost fill of natural sweetness,” Kim says.


Old and new pieces come together for a one-of-a-kind look that will delight guests. “The key is to find the right balance. If you have too many chippy and rusty pieces it can begin to feel a little too primitive,” Natalie says. An Ikea table is paired with a mix of metal chairs found at a tag sale with more formal end chairs. Basic white ceramic pieces are embellished with a rustic wooden toolbox that contains flowers, lemons and water. Cameos found at an estate sale for $2 a piece are tied to the linen napkins with a jute twine.



Serve tasty and appealing brunch fare that can be prepared ahead of time. Quiche, pastries and fresh fruit are the perfect balance that is deliciously satisfying and adds to the table’s décor. “We’ve determined that when having a group of gals over for brunch, a dessert is always a good idea,” Natalie says. A white cake with butter-cream frosting is gussied up with a crown of fresh raspberries. Mimosas are the classic brunch beverage, while water and lemonade offer healthy alternatives. Such an event may be so enjoyable that guests may linger on till dinner.

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By Jacqueline deMontravel
Photography by Kim Rohwer
Styling by Natalie Riesslman


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