Lovely French Lavender

How lovely French lavender intoxicates and inspires.

Do you ever dream of walking through endless fields of fresh lavender in Provence? More than a daydream, it’s a desire deeply imbedded in the hearts of true romantics. If a trip to France is not in your immediate future, you can still surround yourself with the sights and scents of Provence at home.

Lovely French lavender is more than a basis for a color palette; let this tiny flower be your inspirational design guide. Indulge in the unmistakable fragrance and infuse the soft hues into your color scheme. Think of lovely French lavender as the new neutral. Add a bouquet of lavender-toned flowers to any room, then picture Provence: from the Alpine mountains through the Rhone River valley over the lush fields of lavender giving way to the Mediterranean Sea. This will inspire so much more than a color palette!

Conjure up your inner romantic and look for ways to integrate Provence into your home. Place an embroidered runner on a dining-room table and fill teacups or tiny pitchers with “bouquets” of vintage lace. Treat guests to the luxury of fine linen napkins. Proudly display antique silver without bothering to polish away the years of tarnish. Sprinkle seashells in unexpected places as reminders of the seaside towns of France.

Allow the ambiance to flow throughout your home. Of course, the bedroom calls for such dreamy decadence. Place a few pillows in shades from purple to periwinkle on a creamy-white bed. Fill bowls with rich spun fibers and yarns. Display ephemera on dressers and mirrors. Line the top of a vanity with French perfume bottles and beautiful silver-handled mirrors. Fragrant dried lavender should find a home near the head of a bed; some say that it staves off insomnia and promotes sweet dreams.

Of all places for this magnificent plant, the bath should be at the top of the list, as lovely French lavender is as healing to the body as it is to the soul. Incorporate the colors and scents into your daily bathing routine. Pamper yourself in pure European splendor by indulging in exquisite toiletries. French milled soaps are a must; they are put through a two-part cooking process that creates a richer and more moisturizing soap to soothe dry skin. Add dried lavender to sea-salt scrubs or a few drops of the intoxicating essential oils to a hot bath. Close your eyes and be whisked off to Provence in a matter of seconds. You may dream of the day when you find yourself walking through the lush lavender fields of France, but you can start living the dream today. Bloom where you are planted—and if you surround yourself with lovely French lavender, you will find you are in Provence wherever you are.

Written, photographed and styled by Melinda Graham

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