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How to make mosaics from your collection of beautiful vintage china.

collection of beautiful vintage china

Make mosaics using pieces from your collections. The possibilities are endless, as you can make a mosaic table, pottery or decorative accent piece. These mosaics will be a lovely addition to any romantic bedroom. Here’s how to make mosaics with your collection of beautiful vintage china.

collection of beautiful vintage china

What you’ll need:

Plastic cover (to protect the work space)
Vintage plates, as flat as possible
Heavy gloves
Protective eyeglasses
Tile-cutting nippers
All-purpose adhesive, like E6000
Gloves (to wear while applying the grout)
Mixing container and water pitcher
Cleaning cloths and sponges

collection of beautiful vintage china


1. Select an item you wish to cover in the mosaic “tiles.” If you are a beginner, start with a flat surface.

2. Prepare the surface with your plastic cover. Make sure all surfaces are clean and dry. If you are using wood, seal and score the wood to give the grout something to adhere to.

3. Create your “tiles.” Cover the vintage plate with a towel. Place the plate on a protected hard surface, and then use a hammer to break the plate. Be sure to wear protective glasses and heavy gloves.

4. To refine the shapes, use tile nippers for precise cuts.

5. If you wish to create a pattern with the tiles, draw the shape onto your base before you begin. Also, sort your materials into sizes and colors to be certain you have enough to complete your entire design.

6. Once the design has been placed, begin to glue the tiles one piece at a time. Evenly coat the back of each tile and hold in place as directed on the adhesive’s packaging.

7. Allow the glued tiles to dry and set completely.

8. Select a color of ready-made grout that will complement your mosaic pattern. Apply with a spatula and/or your hands while wearing gloves. Be sure to fill the spaces surrounding each piece of china.

9. Smooth away the excess grout using a dry cloth.

10. Follow the drying guidelines on the packaging of the grout. Generally, you will need to wait at least 30 minutes until dry. Then use a damp sponge to remove the dry grout that has set on top of the tiles. Be careful not to remove any of the grout from in-between the tiles.

11. Important: Take the time to polish each little piece with a clean, damp towel.

collection of beautiful vintage china

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Written, styled and photographed by Melinda Graham

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