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Muriel Toucey loves anything that involves creating something from nothing. She grew up fueled by the inspiration of an artistic mother and grandmother, and earned a degree in art and photography. She developed an eye for filtering out the refined from the mundane.

Her 1850s Massachusetts home is a testament to her inventive talents. When Muriel and her husband first purchased the house, it was in disarray, with a non-existent roof and not-so-friendly attic guests. Muriel was able to see past the cosmetic problems and envision the possibilities. “Thankfully, my husband trusted me enough to buy the house. We have lived here for 20 years! It reminded me of the house in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ because I had pots and pans everywhere to catch the rain as it came indoors,” Muriel says.

wash basin

Ethereal in style, the living room embodies a storybook quality. For a dash of whimsy, she painted the ceiling midnight blue with white, fluffy clouds and the walls an enchanting blush with pink roses and vines. The scent of rose oil lingers in the air.


“I want my family and friends to feel as though they just stepped into a magical garden. I especially love my sky ceiling at Christmas, when the star on the top of the tree truly looks like the Star of Bethlehem outdoors,” she says.


The fanciful theme continues into the dining room, where pale pink walls share the limelight with hand-painted ivy that cascades along the ceiling, mirror and walls. To further brighten the space Muriel opted to paint all the dark woodwork and floor off-white. Now worn, the floor has a winsome look that only gets more appealing with time.

Where the garden grows and fairytales play lives an enchanted place where Muriel believes dreams really do come true.

Written and photographed by Jo-Anne Coletti

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