Optimize Your Workspace with Function and Style

If you work from home, finding a good space to be productive and creative can be as task in and of itself. From distracting electronics and tight spaces to poor lighting and claustrophobic decor, many rooms in your home are an office nightmare. Here are a few tips for creating a calm, productive space in your romantic home.

Optimized Workplace
The neutral color palette with an abundance of natural light creates an open, clean space to keep you focused on the task at hand.

Arrange your space. Whether you’re in a home office or your dining room, the space in which you do your work needs to be planned out correctly. Move your table or desk so that you’re near a window. This lets the natural light illuminate your workspace, making it easy on your eyes, and gives you something to look out to when your mind needs to wander.

Romantic Home Office Supplies
Colorful supplies are a great way to balance a white palette.

Consider your color. The colors of your space can be huge factors in productivity: a white-washed room can be as boring as a cubicle while a sea of color can smother the room (and you in it). Neutral colors are a great base to start with, creating an open, breathable workspace. Pepper it with little pops of color — neon post-its, rainbow paper clips, colorful notebooks — to create little points of interest all around your space.

Romantic Home Office Antiques
Liven up your space with antique glass containers.

Upcycle your antiques. When your office is in your home, bring some of your home into your office. Instead of ordering mesh pen organizers and supply holders from Office Depot, bring in some antique glasses or vases to display your pens. For fun and accessible storage of smaller supplies, such as paper clips, binder clips and rubber bands, try mason jars or small apothecary jars.

Romantic Home Office Personalization
To infuse some personality into your workspace without overwhelming your desk, pack all of your favorite items into one spot you can look to for inspiration and amusement.

Personalize your space. Decorate your area with personal trinkets or pictures just as you would an office cubicle. A quark board covered with family photos, personalized greeting cards and little toys on an adjacent wall can provide you with a nice bit of nostalgia during the small mental breaks you need during your work day.

By Elise Portale

Photography by Mark Tanner

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