Organizational Basics for the Romantic Office

If you aren’t careful, your “romantic collection” could turn into “romantic clutter.” Lidy Baars, proprietress of French Garden House, offers a few tips on how to create a beautiful and organized home office.

A cluttered office is hardly a productive office, so let your romantic decor do the work to keep you organized.

Keep it clutter free: I am by nature a little messy, so I invested in two industrial rolling racks, filled them with labeled storage boxes and added white linen curtains to hide the entire wall. Rows of baskets on bookshelves are another great way to organize supplies you want to hide from view.

Light it up: Nothing improves an office space like good lighting. A good task light on your desk is key, as well as good overhead lighting. I hung an oversized chandelier over my desk for a touch of sparkle and fun.

Be inspired: My huge inspiration board helps me to visualize projects. I made it from an antique rococo frame. It’s pinned with all the things that inspire me: swatches, photographs, drawings and clippings from home decorating magazines.

Make it yours: Your home office should not only be functional and practical, it should also reflect your personal style and personality. I fill my office with things I love—quirky, beautiful, slightly shabby things that catch my eye. Use your collections to add visual interest.

Make it cozy: Fresh flowers from the garden and classical music are a must for my own working happiness. Make your office a warm, inviting space you look forward to going to each day. It doesn’t have to take itself as seriously as a corporate office; it’s part of your home.

By Justine Lopez

Photography by Mark Tanner

Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel


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