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Party Planner

Hosting expert Diane Sedo brings personality and passion to every Easter celebration. On a warm, sunny afternoon Tustin, Californ …Read More

Retro Active

Visit a home that is an explosion of color, light and rock ‘n’ roll. You might expect the interior of a house in an oceanside …Read More

Muriel’s Cottage

A dreamy oasis echoes the enchantment of a magical fairytale. Muriel Toucey loves anything that involves creating something from …Read More

Nature’s Palette

An interior designer is inspired by the great outdoors to embrace living amid vibrant color. Washington, D.C.-based interior des …Read More

Presenting the Past

A shop owner’s home is a creative patchwork of restoration, customization and loving spaces for her family. Sue Jackson was dra …Read More

After the Shopping Trip

How to display and repurpose 4 of your favorite flea-market finds. You never know what you’re going to find at the flea market. …Read More

The Great American Kitchen

Cook up a room that puts the fun in functional. How would you like to feel when you step into your kitchen in the morning? Would …Read More

Add Some Sense

When putting together your Valentine’s Day spread, be sure to play on the five senses. Such attention to detail will create the …Read More

Go Heavy on the Sweets

Create a Valentine’s Day spread that would make cupids applaud. All it takes is originality, color and everything sweet. There …Read More

Bistro Beauty

Find European charm in vibrant colors and graphics for the table. The plat du jour on the wall, the bistro china on the table. T …Read More

Shades of a Heart

Valentine’s Day ideas for every romantic.   Valentine’s Day may not be as popular as Christmas, with its rich tradit …Read More

Book Review: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere is a DIY guide for navigating through life—especially if you happen to be a woman in search of simple yet …Read More

Bathroom Makeover: Get a New Bath Without Taking a Bath

Paint, paper and joyful touches transform a small bathroom. In the mood for a new bath but can’t budget the cost and endure d …Read More

An Eye for Beauty

With a little vision, some hard work and a lot of passion, a homeowner builds a home one cast-off at a time. If there is one thi …Read More
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