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House Tour: Modern Flair with a Soft Touch, Part I

  As one would expect, the house of Baroness Monica von Neumann is luxurious, classy and beautiful. However, for Monica, it i …Read More

Optimize Your Workspace with Function and Style

If you work from home, finding a good space to be productive and creative can be as task in and of itself. From distracting electr …Read More

House Tour: The Romance of European Elegance, Part II

  Lidy Baar’s romantic European home uses the antique dealer’s own childhood memories of a life in Europe to add …Read More

6 Ways to Add Comfort to Any Space

  We’ve all experienced those times when a room is amazing to look at but uncomfortable to exist in. Homeowner and anim …Read More

House Tour: The Romance of European Elegance, Part I

  Growing up in Europe, Lidy Baars learned to appreciate the finer things in life. Born and raised in her grandparents’ lav …Read More

Organizational Basics for the Romantic Office

  If you aren’t careful, your “romantic collection” could turn into “romantic clutter.” Lidy Baars, proprietress of …Read More

5 Ways to Add Warmth to Modern Romance

  With more than 20 years of experience with interior decorating, Baroness Monica von Neumann offers tips on how to add warmt …Read More

The Essential Elements of Authentic French Style

  In France, personal style is revered. Rich, textual elements abound through motley accessories, such as architetural elemen …Read More

House Tour: A Global Approach to Vintage Style, Part II

  Earlier this week, we showed you the living and dining room of Mark and Amanda Werts’ vintage, globally inspired home …Read More

5 Decorative Desserts Fit for Royalty

  Last week, we gave you some ideas for a princess-themed party, but no party is complete without tasty treats to fill out yo …Read More

House Tour: A Global Approach to Vintage Style, Part I

  Every time you travel, you bring back a bit of your destination with you. Whether it’s a photograph or a statuette, y …Read More

How to Mix Modern and Vintage for a Unique Bedroom

  Modern decor is clean and flashy but vintage decor has that character you are looking for. Choosing one look over the othe …Read More

3 Ideas for the Perfect Princess Party

  The renewed energy and youthful glamour that Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have brought to the monarc …Read More

3 Steps to Creating a Fun and Functional American Kitchen

  How would you like to feel when you step into your kitchen in the morning? Would you like it to be bright, warm and cheerfu …Read More
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