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True romance is something that exists deep within the soul, no matter the day or week or month. Yet something truly special happens on Feb. 14 of each year. Romance flourishes in lovely and beautiful ways. This February, while the winter chill is still in the air, why not warm up your home by decorating from the heart? It can be as simple as layering a rich floral quilt on your bed and peppering the room with accessories in the soft shades of rose petals. Dress your bedroom in time for the most romantic holiday of all. It will warm your heart and your home.

A comfortable upholstered chair is a luxury in a small bedroom. It can provide a quiet place to sit and read at the end of the day. This little rustic table is just the right size to hold a book and a cup of tea. The table is constructed out of an old vegetable crate.

Elevating the romance of a room can be achieved with a little creativity, even less investment, a bit of time and a lot of heart. You probably have most of what you need in your home already. The standard checklist for a vintage romantic room makeover includes linens, dishes, florals and ephemera. Apply this list and begin the hunt.

The focal point of all bedrooms is the bed. To add romance, look to history for inspiration. Items like canopies, drapes and mosquito netting always increase the drama of the presentation. What this bedroom lacks in square footage it makes up for with the tremendous height of the cathedral ceiling—and inexpensive cream mesh netting makes the most of it.

romantic bed quilts

Next come the linens. The bed is layered with mix-and-match florals, damasks and toile prints, all in a soft pastel palette in a very traditional nod to the romantic Victorian era. Lace is hung from the windows as well as from the whimsical antique parasols over-head. A decorative toile throw pillow rests on the damask patterned chair to mimic the patterns on the bed. Fabrics always soften the look of a room, especially when they blend together to form a cohesively romantic space.

Victorian collectibles shelf

To up the romantic feel in your home, consider Valentine’s Day themes like hearts, roses, cards and gifts. In this room a few vintage rose prints hang on the walls, old postcards peek out between cream and white porcelain collectibles, and a few roses bring a fresh pop of color. A special little gift tucked into a thoughtful breakfast tray is the perfect finishing touch. Gifts don’t need to be expensive to be meaningful, and a homemade breakfast doesn’t need to be gourmet to be appreciated. It truly is the thought that counts!

bed breakfast platter

What are your personal touches of romance?

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Story, Photography and Styling By Melinda Graham of Surroundings by Melinda



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