Renovating a 1920s English Cottage for a Modern Family

Nearly every aspect of Carrie Davich’s home reflects the notion of family, from the smell of home-cooked meals to the sound of musical instruments to the lived in feel of the decor.




1920s English Cottage
Photo by Mark Tanner


Although Carrie Davitch, owner of the home decor shop Maude Woods, doesn’t adhere to a specific style, she wanted to decorate the home in a practical and comfortable way for a family, as well as elegant.

“I don’t personally have a specific style; I just know what I like,” she explains. “I wanted it to be really pretty and nice but livable; I never wanted to live in a museum. We taught the kids to have respect for nice things but that they can touch them and live with them.”



1920s English Cottage Renovation
Photo by Mark Tanner


After about six months, when she was pregnant with her second child, Carrie started the decorating process with the help of professional designers, swapping the old pine furniture for more traditional pieces.


But that didn’t last long—soon Carrie was completing projects entirely on her own. “I did both of my kids’ bathrooms at the same time (the girls share and Jacob has his own),” she says. “Both baths were completely gutted and I designed the cabinetry, chose the tile and all the fixtures. They turned out so nicely that I realized I could do it on my own.”


In general, the home has become the place where family and friends gather, whether it’s for birthday parties, holidays or just to while away the hours.


“We are a really close family,” Carrie explains. “My husband and I are both pretty welcoming and friendly to our kids’ friends.”



1920s English Cottage Renovation
Photo by Mark Tanner


The 1,000-square-foot basement is used as an entertainment room, complete with a pool table, which is where the Davich’s three kids spend time and entertain friends. The living room is a comfortable place for the family to gather with huge bowls of Carrie’s homemade popcorn, to watch movies. With its golden walls and a red ceiling and chairs, the dining room is used when the Davich’s entertain, which is quite often.


Even the entryway, which houses a Bechstein piano, has become a bonding place for father and son.


“My husband is a composer and my son plays the piano and guitar,” she says. “His dad teaches him and they play together at the piano in the entryway. That happens a lot, which is really nice.”


“For being so big the house feels so homey and cozy,” Carrie says. “It’s because there is a lot of love in that house. It’s been a really great place to raise a family.”

By Justine Lopez

Photography by Mark Tanner

Styled by Jacqueline deMontravel

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