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Romantic Design Trends: Farmhouse Style

Looking for a new theme for your home? The following trend is proven to add beauty and elegance to your decor.


Farmhouse Style Table

Fresh flowers and lit candles add a romantic touch to farmhouse style.


Farmhouse Style


Clapboard and clean lines, lots of light and utilitarian pieces all encompass the farmhouse style. The rooms are comforting, raw and incorporate the right note of color as an accent. It fits in perfectly with this year’s trends of functional pieces and simple style. In fact, many are taking the trend literally and even raising livestock—notably chickens!

Tiffany Kirchner Dixon of The Fancy Farmgirl lives this look and is testimony that farm style is not only about sawdust and pitchforks. “I interpret it more as a feeling than too literally,” she says. “To me, the style is that comfortable, cozy and lived-in look.” Tiffany incorporates a blend of wood tones and antiques in her home. There can never be enough vintage handmade linens, which are a cornerstone to romantic style. She assembles a variety of groupings with one-of-a-kind finds like apothecary bottles and mismatched cutlery. “Farmhouse style is not always expected. While farming paraphernalia and references to animals are traditional to the décor, being a fancy farm girl, the addition of a few more formal touches is my signature. In the farmhouse-style home, silver is not polished, patina is admired and nature lives indoors as well as out,” Tiffany says.

The tones are light, with neutral shades and an occasional punch of color. “Crisp and clean, creamy whites, tea-stained linens, burlap and muslin, ruffles, repurposed furniture and other items (such as canning jars made into lighting),” notes Romantic Homes contributor Kerry Vellieux. New items are eschewed for past, more authentic pieces. “Relics of the past tell of a life well-lived. This look will stand the test of time because it tells a story rather than sitting silent and can be interpreted in so many different ways. It never becomes boring,” Tiffany says.


What to look for: Sturdy furnishings such as farmhouse tables and stools, wire baskets, barrels, vintage milk bottles, orange crates and tin signs.

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