Romantic Design Trends: Vintage

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite design trends of the past years to inspire you to get decorating. The following design trends are classic, sustainable, and chic. Our first trend is…

Vintage Dining Table

A light color scheme will compliment vintage pieces.


Romantic homes have always been part of the eco trend, as they are filled with all things vintage. Old tables, chairs, bureaus–just about any object can be given a new look with some paint and refurbishing. That dumpster-destined lamp can be updated with a different shade. Such styles have a retro yet current look.

Lizze McGraw of Tumbleweed & Dandelion uses vintage pieces in unexpected ways, as she did with old fan cylinders used as light covers. Wood is also an important part of her decorating, seen on everything from bookshelves to farm tables.

The familiarity of previously used items add a special quality to the pieces which translates into a personable home that is beautiful and comfortable. “People become more interested in history and provenance, and look for products that have a good story to tell,” says Laurie of Greenhouse Design Studio. “Vintage is so easy to integrate into your home–just invest in pieces you are sure you’ll use every day. Buy an armchair at a flea market and have it recovered. Or, better yet, pull out the flatware you inherited from your grandmother and use it every day,” she adds.

What to look for: Flea-market and thrift-store finds like old fans and steamer trunks used as tables. Vintage pillows, fabrics, and blankets. Secondhand dishes and utensils.

By Jacqueline deMontravel

Photography by Jaime Itagaki


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