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Easy Decor for a Romantic Garden


Turn your garden into more than a home for peonies, make it a romantic garden by adding the right décor in the right places. Picket fences, terra cotta pots and old watering cans add romantic charm when nestled within your outdoor living space.


Whimsical garden decor will take a planter from simple greenery to romantic outdoor living space.


Picket Fences

Add detail to your potting bench with old picket fencing. Attach it to the back for added support as well as visual interest. Tuck a section in your romantic garden as well, allowing the pickets to pop up behind your plants.


Terra cotta pots

Create a garden infused with the earthy color provided by terra cotta pots. Reused, paint splattered or stained? Even better, as the age marks on these garden staples add character. Display them under your potting bench and layer throughout planters.


Watering cans

Leave the hose behind and opt for a metal watering can. These serve a functional purpose for your plants and become a whimsical decorative element for your patio or garden. Line up watering cans on the potting bench for a rustic and aged looking collection. Set painted cans amongst shrubbery for a pop of color.


The romantic style of your home can easily transition to the garden with these simple tips.


By Sarah Jane O’Keefe

Photography by Mark Tanner



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