The Great American Kitchen

Cook up a room that puts the fun in functional.

American Kitchen

How would you like to feel when you step into your kitchen in the morning? Would you like it to be bright, warm and cheerful with clean, bold colors to jump-start your day and enough storage for all your serving pieces? Barbara Cheatley’s kitchen achieves all those things—and more.

Here’s how you can recreate her kitchen’s style at home:

Get the Look:

  • When it comes to designing a kitchen, it all starts with storage. Barbara loves to collect colorful vintage-style pieces such as bowls, mugs, jars, canisters, dishes and even a few glass hens for serving butter or soup. These pieces are too pretty to hide behind cabinet doors so she displays them on open shelves for everyone to enjoy. Not only do they look cheerful and create a vintage style, but they are practical for everyday use.
  • Another important factor in an effective kitchen design is accessibility. While it may look effortless, Barbara clearly put a lot of thought into organizing the room. Shelves extend up to the ceiling to make the most of the vertical wall space—an important consideration especially for a small kitchen. Frequently used items are placed within arms’ reach, and coffee mugs hang on under-cabinet hooks so they don’t take up valuable space on shelves.
  • Due to the sheer volume of appliances, serving pieces and accessories, a kitchen can be prone to looking cluttered. To avoid the clutter trap, keep items on countertops to a minimum and keep your color palette to three basic and bright colors, as Barbara has done here. While you may be busy while you’re in the kitchen, the room doesn’t need to look that way!

By Meryl Schoenbaum
Photography by Jaimee Itagaki

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