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Tips for Decorating Outdoor Spaces

Get the Red Out

Using the same principle as matching an accessory to a jacket, use complementary accent colors with your flowers.

Outdoor Spaces Decor


Susan Ellison of Blue Springs Home uses touches of red for the right statement. The bench gets a comfortable look with Indian Block print pillows. A small table is movable to fit your entertaining needs. “Outdoor spaces can be just as inviting as the inside of your home. When creating an outdoor space, think of  bringing the indoors outside. Comfortable chairs, throw pillows, small tables for eating and proper lighting can set a mood,” Susan says. “Plants and trees serve as the background for your outdoor room.”

 Photo by Mark Tanner



Architectural Renderings

Use columns, old windows and weathered pieces to create an intimate room in your outdoor space. “I like to look outside of the home and see settings that are just a continuation of what’s on the inside,” Susan says.

Outdoor Spaces Decor

Photo by Mark Tanner



Afternoon Tea

Carve out a corner in your background space for a pretty table and chairs. Decorate the setting as if it were your dining room, using fine china, silver and a tablecloth topped with linen.

Outdoor Spaces Decor

“I strive to create an outdoor setting that is as appealing as I would design inside. I take my decorating cue from the trees and flowers where I will place my table. Sit in each chair at the table to make sure that each guest will have a pleasant view. Add potted plants to enhance views if necessary,” says Diane Sedo of Sentimental Celebrations.

Photo by Jacqueline deMontravel




Holding Court     

A courtyard beckons a royal introduction to visitors. Neatly arranged boxwoods and shrubs in the center keep the look precise.

Outdoor Spaces Decor

Photo by Mark Tanner




Chicken Special

Raising chickens need not be exclusive to a farm. There is great joy in being connected to the birds and producing your own eggs. Lizzie McGraw of Tumbleweed & Dandelion understands the many joys that come from having a chicken coop.

Outdoor Spaces Decor


“Chickens are wonderful and expressive creatures. They definitely have personalities, and their daily egg is truly a gift. It is so wonderful to sit in the yard and watch them wander and explore. They do, however, require attention and love. I raised my chickens from babies, and they do need daily attention. Most chicken books give you all the details you need to start your own little farm. If you have a decent size yard and the ability to frame a small coop then you can have a little chicken family.”

Photo by Mark Tanner




Check This Out

Fabrics and texture give this table setting pizzazz. A vintage tablecloth is the perfect accompaniment to gingham melamine plates. Basic egg salad sandwiches are spruced up when cut in circles and speared with a floral-shaped carrot.

Outdoor Table Decor


Photo by JaimeeItagaki




Throw Stones

Casually placed stones create an enchanting walking path that echoes a storybook setting.

Outdoor Spaces Decor

Photo by Mark Tanner




Head of the Table

A functional farm table is given more glamour with colorful cloths and an outdoor chandelier. Plant outdoor flowers in a galvanized tin for a vintage, colorful touch.

Outdoor Table

Photo by JaimeeItagaki




Entertaining Idea

Endless summer days are spent in Lizzie McGraw’s backyard. “My yard is a great place to entertain, so it is ever-changing. Depending on the event, I use my large farm table to have big dinner parties or simply as a buffet for a more lounging dinner and a movie event. I don’t have room to store pillows outside, so I have lots of outdoor fabric covers that I use on my indoor pillows when an event comes along. An inexpensive tip is to buy bales of straw and cover them in fabric for inexpensive seating— very French!” Lizzie says.

Outdoor Decor

Photo by Mark Tanner




Time to Retreat

White wicker chairs epitomize summer comfort. Cozy them up even further with plump pillows in a rose print. Outdoor lamps and sea-inspired decorations create a romantic hideaway look.

Home Outdoor Table Decoration

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By Jacqueline deMontravel


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