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Add Some Sense

When putting together your Valentine’s Day spread, be sure to play on the five senses. Such attention to detail will create the memorable experience you are aiming to achieve. Some ideas:

heart shap pillow

1. Touch: For a tactile experience, use your fine china, silver and delicate crystal. Throw a soft blanket on a chair to add warmth.

Dessert Plate

2. Sight: Use an unexpected palette of Valentine pastels with hints of silver and gold for an understated look. Dazzle the eye with vintage elements, desserts that are pieces of art and a tasteful flower arrangement.

3. Taste: Create a dessert plate with one bite of every sweet so your guest can sample each indulgence without the guilt.

4. Smell: Add rose drops to a burning candle. Even burn some in a pan of water to scent the entire home.

5. Sound: Create a playlist based on all the songs you and your guest love along with new ones as a sign of the future.

Rose Flowers

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Written and styled by Jacqueline deMontravel
Photography by Bret Gum

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