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Shades of a Heart

Valentine’s Day ideas for every romantic.

Papers cut in heart shape


Valentine’s Day may not be as popular as Christmas, with its rich tradition and abundance of presents. Nor does it have the amusement of Halloween, with carved pumpkins, costumes and candy. But it has always secured our devotion; a day focused on love deserves glorious fanfare.


Valentines Day decoration


This occasion is an opportunity to showcase all things pretty. Roses, shades of pink and red, and treats that thrust pastry chefs into the annals of food genius all come together for an explosion of color and delight on your holiday table.


Valentines Day Cake


To create your own Valentine’s celebration, select a style that meets your needs. Traditionally romantic, elegant or playful, once you determine the nature of your gathering, select elements that honor the theme. For an intimate setting for two the Queen of Hearts would host, use classic red and rose- textured embellishments. Vintage elements, such as cards and ribbon, will bring a nostalgic quality to the design. For a more festive gathering, change the scheme from sultry red to pink. Take control of your table’s elements by creating a tablecloth from a favorite fabric swatch and hem the bottom. Heart garlands, beautiful tea and candy tins, and sugar cubes topped with roses are the personal touches that will delight guests and can be given as favors.


Valentines Day taable

Desserts worthy of a still life add to the look. One bite of the hazelnut chocolate cake is sumptuous, but two may be sinful. Or keep the night going into morning with espresso mousse cake and serve with espresso to double the jolt. Lighter desserts colored in pinks and reds are whimsical, and will certainly prompt the applause of friends. True romantics call upon such classic accents as floral-patterned china, roses and dainty accessories set at different levels to keep the eye dancing.

Valentines Day taable decor

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Written and styled by Jacqueline deMontravel
Photography by Bret Gum

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