7 Tips for a Cozy Guest Room

Make your guests feel at home with a little something special. Here are 7 tips for a cozy guest room.

Cozy Guest Room

Guest rooms need not be grand to be special. In Donald Kirkby’s one-room guest cottage, what was lacking in space was made up for in special comfort. Consider these fast and thoughtful ways to make your guests feel extra special. Here are 7 tips for a cozy guest room that don’t require a lot of effort, but will make an impact:


Candles. Candles create instant ambiance. Aromatic candles evoke a spa-like feel and make your guests feel pampered.

Slippers. Easy to slip on, slippers protect tired feet from hardwood floors, cold tiles and prickly surfaces. Consider other seasonal needs, like Crocs for water activities or Wellies if rain is on the horizon.

Theme books and magazines. The perfect literature can complement a space and keep your guests amused. A fly-fishing magazine is great for lakeside cottages, and a bird-watching book is a nice read for guests at a woodland home.


Bathrobes. Make the trip from the bathroom to the bedroom more comfortable by providing bathrobes, which encourage your guests to take time to lounge.

Lotion. Moisturizing with lotion is a favorite after-shower ritual. During the summer, consider providing sunscreen and aloe.

Treats. Midnight snacks, such as chocolates, popcorn and nuts, are the ultimate in luxury and are a considerate offering for guests who may not want to troll for food on their own.

Personal embellishments. Think about what’s unique to your guest room and try to meet those needs. Donald provided flashlights for his guests that may be traversing to the main house after dark. Ear plugs might be a welcome amenity for rooms that face main roads, while insect repellant is a thoughtful touch when there are more than fireflies whizzing about.

By Marissa Armstrong
Photography by Jaimee Itagaki
Styled by Donald Kirkby

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