Mason jars seem to be at the center of creative crafting lately. Of course, this is unsurprising. Who doesn’t love these stylistically versatile and practical jars? Beach Blues  is an Etsy shop owned by Missy Norment and is popular for pioneering the original painted and distressed mason jar. Here are five tips for styling these elegant products:

Metallic gold pops against the lineup of jars in pastel pink, cream, and turquoise

Whimsy in the Workplace. 

These jars are the perfect logistical solution for your spare pens and pencils. At the same time, they add a nice decorative flair to your desk space.

Beach blues has several color schemes to choose from, and each product package comes with four jars. Choose the palette that matches your office best!



Dorm Decor. These mason jars are great gifts for friends and family in college. It adds an uplifting personal touch to those cramped little dorm rooms. Don’t let assigned English readings gather dust in the corner! Stack them up and put your elegant mason jar on top for a chic scholastic arrangement.

Save in Sophistication.

Piggy banks are cute, but they often interfere with the aesthetic of a room.

Instead, save your spare change in one of these beautiful jars.

It’s a mature, more refined alternative that will definitely give you style points.


Fresh, Fashionable and Floral.

Dress up any interior by putting a few flower stems into these mason jars. Silk flowers, such as those shown, are dependable and everlasting. Of course, fresh blooms are lovely as well. They add a fresh scent and a desirable living element.


Entertain in Elegance.

Make dining an easier, elevated experience by putting utensils into a set of these jars.

The consolidated color scheme, along with the glam metallic rim, will impress guests and enhance the visual appeal.


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