4 Things to Look For When You Buy Farmhouse Style Furniture

With simple clean lines, this classic hutch filled with linens and other vintage vessels is both useful and visually appealing, just what farmhouse style should be.

When you think of farmhouse style, what invariably comes to mind is furniture with simple lines, worn wood, nubby slipcovers and paint chipped to perfection. It’s been said that furniture “makes the room” and homes with farmhouse inspiration are no exception. While other furniture styles can be modified to work in a farmhouse framework, nothing can beat a step-back hutch or a classic wing chair. Here are a few things to look for in furniture pieces when farmhouse style is your goal:

Farmhouse style is marked by simplicity and a balance of materials, like this slip-covered couch flanked by a well-worn stool and side table.

1. Utilitarian

True farmhouse style focuses on the utilitarian, so the pieces should be functional, humble and comfortable. Don’t let these words fool you, though. Form, beauty and style can coexist happily in sturdy, timeless pieces. Think of the staple farmhouse table with a planked top, turned legs and a warm, glowing patina on the wood. Simple, functional, but also a stunning centerpiece.

This former chicken coop keeps kitchenware easily accessible and safely tucked away.

2. Age

While new pieces can offer farmhouse flair, antiques do it without even trying. Even adding just one or two statement antique pieces, like a jelly cupboard painted the perfect shade of robin’s-egg blue or a large wood cabinet reclaimed from a hardware store, can instantly draw a modern space back to simpler times.

Assorted linens kept on open shelves will soften the hard lines of furniture pieces. The result is a balanced room or varying textures and colors.

3. Texture

Texture is a key component of farmhouse style, so it’s important to be mindful of how each piece in a room plays off the other. Soft linen slipcovers and a wood chest of drawers with a smooth marble top can balance out the rough and rustic look of old barn doors or a primitive wardrobe with chipping paint. A juxtaposition of textures keeps a space from looking too rustic or too fancy.

Imperfections, like the well-worn patina of this cabinet, are the scrapes and bruises that make make classic pieces unique. Aged pieces add dynamic texture, history and color.

4. Color

Neutrals are the current trend for farmhouse style, but don’t be afraid to add one or two furniture pieces that will bring a bold pop of color. Rich reds, sky blues, grassy greens and warm, honey-toned yellows are all perfect picks for adding punch to a neutral room.

The teal blue jars play off of the robin’s egg blue cabinet for a colorful farmhouse style display.


While the farmhouse trend remains popular, give your home a touch of farmhouse charm in your own personal style.

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