The trestle table feels right at home in a farmhouse setting. Photo by Bret Gum

Although the trestle table is a mainstay of the contemporary American farmhouse-styled home, its history traces back to England’s medieval period when similar furniture pieces were more functional than design statement and were used in the humblest of homes as well as castles and manors.

Characterized by two or three trestle supports, a cross-member and a large board on top, the trestle table was simple yet sturdy and folded up to be stored away. With its narrow tabletop, a trestle table allowed servants to easily deliver meals to diners, but at a moment’s notice it could also double as a shield when flipped over to protect from intruders. Its popularity later waned when gateleg and refectory tables came on the scene, but we still appreciate the trestle table today for its trusty and timeless design.

The trestle table comes in a variety of styles, from its most utilitarian form to more elegant versions that make for beautiful dining in well-designed spaces.

Eloquence- StRemyDiningTable 3

Eloquence® pickled white St. Remy trestle table in pickled white finish. Visit

Amish Tables Peyton_Trestle

Peyton trestle extension table. Visit

Wayfair Ostby Dining Table_Wayfair 01Lark Manor Ostby dining table. Visit

BSEID nantes1

Nantes dining table by Zentique. Visit

Belle Maison Francaise French Trestle Dining Table - Belle Maison

Country French trestle dining table. Visit