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This space near a kitchen nook has always been a challenge for Sara Davis
(of the blog Sincerely Sara D) since the day her family moved in. While the wall is a large area, it’s an awkward fit without much circulation in the space.

Originally, she thought of building a narrow buffet for a custom fit, but, “One day it clicked, and I dreamed up simple but elegant DIY shelving,” Sara remembers. “It would fill the boring blank wall without taking up much space, while providing storage.”

Even without carpentry skills, Sara was able to execute this low-cost DIY project and so can you by following her tips below!

Add and subtract: Maximize your space by using your walls for vertical storage. Unlike furniture pieces, which can take up precious floor space and look cluttered, open shelves add storage and interest to any space, while keeping the area open.

Move on up: Sara needed to think high rather than low. In the end, her solution supplies storage without taking up space.

Style and curate: When styling open shelves, be practical. These shelves are in Sara’s kitchen, so it includes attractive things she needs on a semi-regular basis, like cake stands. Styling the shelves with dishes similar in style and color. Elegant pieces with creams, white, golds and bronzes and adding plants look neatly curated.