Create your own one-of-a-kind wonderland with elegant glass terrariums. As versatile as they are pretty, terrariums come in almost every shape and size—a variety of geometric patterns with gold, rose-gold or silver edging to accent your palette.

handmade glassware

Here are 5 ways to use terrariums in your home, inspired by the gorgeous handmade glassware at Waen:

  1. Create your own colorful eco-system. Closed glass containers make the perfect host for a variety of plant species. For a fantastically feminine look, choose orchids, African violets, pilea moon valley or English ivy.
  1. Design a centerpiece. For a festive, wintry look, add evergreens and pinecones to your terrarium. For bridal, decorate with rose petals, dried flowers or freshly cut blooms.

beautiful handmade glassware

handmade glassware

  1. Store your favorite jewelry. Put a new twist on the classic jewelry box by repurposing your terrarium. We love a modern, geometric terrarium filled with antique costume jewelry.
  1. Let there be light. Small, delicate terrariums (with an open top) make ultra-romantic candleholders. Waen makes glassware specifically for tealight candles.

stained glass candle holder

  1. Give your trinkets a home. Tiny, porcelain figurines make wonderful houseguests in a pint-sized terrarium. Display your arrangements in a hutch or on open shelves.

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